Truths and Untruths

January 23, 2021

This page will be updated as new documentary information is obtained.

A comparison in statements by members of Chicago, newspapers, articles, magazines, and books to the findings of the LAPD Department of the Chief Medical Examiner/Coroner/Certified Autopsy of Terry Kath.
Excerpts from the report of Toxicology Analysis within the Autopsy of Terry Kath.

  1. Specimen blood – Neutrals, not detected, February 10, 1978.
  2. Specimen blood – Methaqualone 0./mg, March 10, 1978.
  3. Specimen blood – Phencyclidine not detected, March 10, 1978.
  4. Specimen blood – Other Bases not detected, March 10, 1978.
  5. Specimen blood – Cocaine 0.02mg, February 3, 1978. NOTE :Toxicity in humans is between 1 – 1.5 grams and dependent on body weight.
  6. Specimen blood – Codeine not detected, February 3, 1978.
  7. Specimen blood – Morphine not detected, February 3, 1978.
  8. Specimen bile – Cocaine 0.15mg, February 3, 1978.
  9. Specimen bile – Codeine not detected, February 3, 1978.
  10. Specimen liver – Phenothiazines not detected, February 3, 1978.
  11. Specimen blood – Trichloethanol not detected, February 7, 1978.
  12. Specimen blood – Ethchloethanol not detected February 7, 1978.
  13. Specimen blood – Ethanol absent, January 26, 1978.
  14. Specimen blood – Barbiturates not detected, February 1, 1978.

Summary: No alcohol was found in Terry’s body and a minimal amount of cocaine.

Cause of Death is listed as: “A gunshot through head with brain injury.” Alcohol/drugs are not listed as contributing factors.

Another false rumor that has been perpetuated to this day is the Terry was married to Camellia Ortiz. According to Terry’s death certificate his legal status was Divorced.

Book – Street Player, My Chicago Story by Danny Seraphine Pages 166 and 167. Statements allegedly made by Don Johnson as told by Danny Seraphine, “We were partying for the last few days and came back here to hang out.“ “… His nerves were fried from all of the partying he and Terry had been doing…”.
Note: Don Johnson is deceased and is therefore unavailable to confirm or deny these statements.

Newspapers – Los Angeles Associated Press, Tuesday, January 24, 1978. “Yost said Kath, of suburban Malibu, and his wife had been drinking at the nearby home of a friend and band technician Don Johnson when the accident occurred.”
Los Angeles Associated Press, Wednesday, January 25, 1978. “Kath, his wife and Johnson we’re having a party and drinking, Yost said.” Note: Tim Yost was the LAPD police investigator.

Magazine Louder Sound. Terry Kath the life and tragic death of the Chicago founder, February 20, 2015. “Lee Loughnane…Vividly recalls January 23, 1978… shot himself dead after a game of Russian roulette went horribly wrong…Kath’s love of booze and cocaine was impacting on his talent and judgment.”
Ultimate Classic Rock. Terry Kath accidentally shot himself November 2, 2012. “Kath also had a history of drug and alcohol problems, but he died at a party of a crew members house…”
Chicago Bandmates Recall the Death of Terry Kath December 30, 2016. “… To relieve tension, he sought solace in drugs and alcohol.”
This list goes on and on. There are inaccuracies about the date Terry died, for example. There is a great deal of incorrect information as well, such as: Terry was married, had a son, was 33, etc. There are many videos out there in which certain bandmembers state that Terry was on a bender drinking and drugging for days, and not sleeping, but there is no proof of that.

SFTK stands by the documented evidence contained within the certified autopsy and subsequent pages submitted by the LAPD Department of the Chief Medical Examiner/Coroner, January 24, 1978 at 11:00 hours.

Written by D. A. Dillon, SFTK Admin. and submitted to D. Grant, SFTK Admin/SFTK webmaster.