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Heres something NEW – After many years of questions a member of our group finally reveals the iconic Terrycaster Tele as being a 1966 model. The serial number reveals it in this pic at the bottom of this page!

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Terry Kath, Guitar virtuoso, writer, singer, bandleader, founding member and more!


Since the Summer of 2018, collectively, we have developed a private facebook group to honor the late, great Terry Alan Kath.  SFTK encourages open dialogue and permits members to voice differing opinions about founding member of Chicago, Terry Kath.

We offer more than typical fan sites of pictures and music.  We encourage sharing your thoughts, reviews, stories, pictures, music, concert footage, research, and personal experiences.

This website is a tribute to Terry his music and his life. Please consider joining our Facebook Group of the same name. A Link to it on the Social Media Links Page here.

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Terry and his beloved Telecaster

Song: “Hope for Love”

Searchin for Terry Kath

Terry is a Member of the RRHOF Since 2016

Photos, Vidlinks, Dr. Chicago reviews, Gear, Song Pages, Research, and more …

Fender Serial 124733

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