In Terrys’ words

In Terrys’ words: This is from 1975 magazine interview, right after the release of Chicago VII

On MusicI get my inspiration usually from – personal things that have gone down

– (I listen to) Brecker Bros, Average White Band, The Band, Beatles, Jimi H.

On GuitarsI’m using a Tele with the old humbucker pickup off the first album

its beefed up a …with a couple of capacitors to give it more edge

On using a 35W Amp onstage – “You see Im” the only guitar player on stage so I don’t have to compete with other guitarists. Its loud as hell”

On Jimi Hendix – (Q)He liked your playing? Oh yeah

I met him a few timesWe could never talk to each other

Invited me to his house We’d look at each other, never really talk

On “Free form guitar” – “Well that was a whole different bag anyway …”

Another interview and more here:

In a song:

… So forget about your troubles
As we search for something new
And we play for you

… Well my thoughts
Are like ripples in a stream
I see myself so free

It’s just the hope for love once more

Dec.28, 2020

1970 video interview:

These are some examples of Terrys’ tapes. Mostly 8mm film. There are purported to be some demo tapes he made for his solo project.

So far, these demo tapes haven’t surfaced.