Terry’s Guitar Flight/Road Case – Techniques

January 1, 2021 Terrys Guitar Flightcase

The stickers from Hank Steiger and Jack Goudie are still on it along with Chicago XI World Tour 1977. Inside there is a compartment that has a picture of the guitar. Jim was very kind, considerate and gracious. A lot like Terry.”

Terrys’ guitar techniques

Terry using the “tapping” technique which was unusual for the time period. Steve Hackett and Eddie Van Halen also used this technique


Between Nov 7,1973 and March 2,1974, during the bands downtime, Terrys Pignose Tele had all its stickers put in place as it appeared in March 13,1974 at the Georgia Tech concert (see picture below) thru June 1975 when the final Blackhawk sticker was set in place – also – during this off time the Pignose Tele had its strat type bridge string saddle assembly replaced with a 1972 Fender Tele Deluxe block style bridge saddle and had the tremolo unit permanently blocked, secured and duct taped closed never to be used again – there were no more big time changes made to the Pignose Tele except the Blackhawk sticker added in June 1975 and the makeshift personal pick holder duct taped on the front body above the end of the neck over part of the Blackhawk sticker in November 1975 – from this point forward until his daughter found it 40 years later in 2015 at Terrys grandmothers house — James Hinnershitz

March ’74

The Strat and LP Professional period.

Also – when terry stopped gigging with his 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom, in May 1970 the Tanglewood Strat was his primary guitar for three months from the third week of June 1970 until the first week of August 1970 when he began using the 1969 Gibson Les Paul Professional – Shortly after the Tanglewood Concert in July 1970 Terry began using the Tanglewood behind the Professional as a secondary guitar for special songs until June 19,1971 in Honolulu Hawaii — By February1972 he replaced it with the 1968 white Fender Cartoon Strat which he used until late 1976 – Although I did not get the honor of seeing Terry playing the Gibson Les Paul Custom by the time I saw them first play in February 1971 at Kutztown University, I had the pleasure of seeing him play the Professional – the Tanglewood Strat there and the Cartoon Strat at the Spectrum in Philadelphia Pa in April 1972 — by the way – here’s another tidbit for the Tanglewoods history – he used it to record “Lowdown” on Chicago III in late 1970. J. Hinnershitz