Terrys primarily used his Pignose Telecaster between the summer of 1972 and the winter of 1977. Looking at any one picture of reasonable clarity, one can tell a pretty accurate date in the course of the last five and a years of Terrys life – and – when you consider that he only played the Gibson S G Standard (CTA #1) for about 3 1/2 years – the Gibson S G Custom (Chicago II) for 8-9 months – the Gibson Les Paul Professional (Chicago III,IV,V) for a little more than 2 years – J. Hinnershitz

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Fender Telecaster, Stratocastor, Jazz and Precision Basses. First guitar was a Kay and he also played an Eko and Register bass. At one time played an Alex Axe custom guitar

Gibson Les Paul Professional, Melody Maker, Thunderbird, Firebird, ES355, SG, SG Custom

Ovation acoustic, Gretsch Country Gentleman, Resonator, Martin D35

60W Knight Amp, 35W Allied Heathkit Amp, Pignose, Dual Showman, and 4×10 custom speaker cabinet in the shape of a speaker cone angled up with plexiglass

Basstone, Cry Baby Wah wah, Maesto Phaser, Leslie Fuzzface, Binson Echoric 2, Herco picks, Fender Light gauge strings High E replaced with A Tenor, E in B position


Introduction, In the country, The road, Free form guitar, Memories of love, I dont want your money, An hour in the shower, Alma Mater, Mississippi Delta City Blues, Jenny, Byblos, Til’ we meet again, Oh thank you great spirit, Once or Twice, Hope for love, Takin’ it on uptown, Beyond all our sorrows, Your loves an attitude

Also Lead Vocals on

Make me smile, Colour my world, I’m a man, Liberation, Movin’ in, It better end soon, Loneliness is just a word, Free, Dialogue, Whats’ this world coming to, Wishing you were here, Brand new love affair, Prelude/Little one, Tell me, Now that you’ve gone,

January 14, 2019

Michelle Kath Sinclair, brought Terrys’ ’62 Telecaster out, for Sergey Kashirin and Leonid and Friends to see (see Channelling Terry page). Mark Webb video’d the event and provided SFTK with the vids with Thx from SFTK!

NOTE: Other than Terrys’ Telecaster which was modified with humbucker pickup from his SG, in the neck pickup position. Also, a couple of capacitors were added. The bridge plate was cut and a Stratocaster tremelo bridge was installed and, the control plate was reversed.

Note: The so-called Cartoon Strat pictured above/below, was later modifed with a humbucker in the neck position. There doesn’t seem to be any pictures of him playing it once modified.

49937833_2071294459576034_698727467514331136_n (1)

Terry used a Stratocaster that was held together with a hose clamp on “Free Form Guitar” from the album CTA which was recorded “live to tape”

Terry first played the telecaster on stage on Aug. 28, 1972 at the Greek Theatre in L.A.

Terry playing other rare guitars